Data Sharing Process

Join the Consortium

The list of the main parameters of interest for the Youth Vascular Consortium database can be found here. The following data is essential for joining the Consortium:

  • Consent given for data to be used in future research

  • Basic participant characteristics (age [5-40 years old], sex, ethnicity, height, weight)

  • At least one among the following measurements of vascular ageing (i.e. pulse wave velocity, flow-mediated dilation, central blood pressure measurements or carotid distensibility)

  • Measurements of brachial blood pressure

  • Study background and details 

The data included the Consortium is non-identifiable to the Baker study group.


All contributors to the Consortium will be listed on all scientific publications arising from the Consortium, per centre, ordered by the number of contributed subjects.

If you are interested in joining the Consortium, please contact us.